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Propiedades en alquiler / Multipropiedades / Propiedades en venta
Tony's Guest House
Papnis Drive
URL: http://www.maxpages.com/harbor
Situated in the lush valley of Petit Valley, Tony's Guest house is just 15 mins to the capital Portofspain and 30 mins to the popular Maracas Beach on the Northern Range. A warm greeting awaits visitors to Tony's including a free night tour west of the island.Combine all this with amenities cable tv, phone, kitchen with fridge stove + microwave. Tony's awaits all travellers whether business or pleasure
Pouipalms Villa
Shetland Drive
Tel.: 868-356-0001
Correo electrónico: customerservice@pouipalms.com
PouiPalms Villa is your Caribbean home away from home, whereyour only task is to relax and unwind to the sounds of the birds chirpingand the leaves rustling while the gentle island breezes whisk away yourcares and worries.
Brahmabhuta Guesthouse
# 5 Waterbridge Road
Blue Range Diego Martin
Tel.: 8687689895
Fax: 8686320751
Correo electrónico: dhanraj31@msn.com
the brahmabhuta is a very peaceful place in an exotic environment of tropical fruit trees, birds, only 25 minutes from the beautiful Maracas beach on the Atlantic coast. We are only minutes away from supermarkets,internet cafe and cheap public transport