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North Bay Village

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Compañías turísticas
The Shopping Trip Miami
7601 East Treasure Dr
Ste 1222
North Bay Village, Florida 33141
Estados Unidos
Tel.: 305-771-1895
URL: http://www.shoptripmiami.com
Correo electrónico: info@shoptripmiami.com
The Shopping Trip Miami offers personalized and semi-personalized transportation to the most exciting shopping destinations in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area such as malls, outlet malls, big-box retailers and department stores.Our prices are affordable and our drivers are knowledgeable so you always get the best shopping tips and advice.You will receive a mall map and a coupon book (when available) with discounts to use at your favorite stores. Choose the pickup time and stay as long as you want at the mall.Don't stress out with GPS, maps or directions just relax and enjoy the ride!Transportation to games, casinos and other entertainment venues are welcome too.