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748 opiniones
Muy bueno

dic. de 2021 • Familia
I was a little apprehensive about our booking to see Father Christmas at Kentwell as there were some mixed reviews but decided to try it out and so glad we did. Lots of effort had been made to make this fun for the family. We enjoyed roaming around the house and the gardens. The 12 days of Christmas was a nice extra and my little ones enjoyed working out what each day was: if you actually expect to see lords a leaping and drummers drumming this might not be for you - but if you are prepared to use your imagination and enjoy the beautiful grounds whilst you do it - lots of fun can be had. Everyone we came across were friendly and made such an effort. There were elves including an excellent hula hooping elf who encouraged the children to try it out, magic shows, an upside down house and of course the visit to Father Christmas himself. The grotto was lovely and Father Christmas was very authentic. Each child got a free gift (including the under 2 who was free which was such a thoughtful touch). We had a lovely family day and my little ones enjoyed it immensely.
Escrita el 31 de diciembre de 2021
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Colchester, UK10 aportes
dic. de 2021
My friend and I acquired tickets to Kentwell at Christmas due to illness so we really didn’t know what to expect. Delighted to find house open for a tour and Tudor actors in situ. Looked very Christmassy

We thoroughly enjoyed the Twelve Days of Christmas letters and found them more hilarious as went along…
Very tasty lunch. Didn’t see Santa as no children with us.
Escrita el 15 de diciembre de 2021
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Amanda P
St Lawrence, UK15 aportes
dic. de 2021 • Pareja
We had been looking forward to going to the Christmas Kentwell event for 2 years and was thoroughly disappointed. Some of the actors weren’t in role and sat around eating and the girl in the wash house couldn’t really be bothered and when asked what the soap was made from she said she didn’t know. I think she could have acted that out a bit better.
The coats in the trees were weird.
The ladies in the kitchen were in role and good when asked questions we just had trouble seeing them as the smoke was so thick.

The atmosphere was very dull and for the price of the entry I felt was steep. I have been a few times many years ago and raved about the experience but I definitely wouldn’t rush back.
Sorry Kentwell…..
Escrita el 14 de diciembre de 2021
Esta opinión es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Cambridge, UK28 aportes
dic. de 2021
My husband, elderly parents & I had a thoroughly enjoyable day out at Kentwell Hall today. We had pre-booked tickets to attend the 'Kentwell at Christmas' event and were not disappointed in any way. It was well organised with lots going on to look at and made a really lovely pre-Christmas day out. We didn't have any children with us but there were plenty of families with children of all ages who were enjoying themselves too.
We absolutely loved the Hall/house itself which was beautifully dressed for Christmas and it was great to interact with the staff/volunteers who were dressed as Victorians and acted the part.
We then spent time enjoying the 12 days of Christmas trail (loved the imaginative way the 12 days were displayed), we wandered through the woodland area, enjoyed the walled garden and then the Stableyard.
The gorgeous real life baby who was dressed as a Victorian infant was a delight!
All in all, we would rate our day out as 10 out of 10, and highly recommend you book and go - it really gets you in the Christmas spirit.
Escrita el 12 de diciembre de 2021
Esta opinión es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Theodosia Russell
Londres, UK250 aportes
dic. de 2021 • Familia
We went for the Victorian Christmas and we were not disappointed! The actors were amazing, you even had a 'glimpse' into their lives or the would speak to you and tell you stories, everyone was so friendly and as soon as we got there they were apologising for the mud and saying they done their best to not have it to muddy!

The Elf Wood we really enjoyed, seeing the elves randomly placed while we took our elf with us was fun! (Our little one did not notice the staples)!

As we got to Santa we were greated by a smart man before seeing Mother Christmas, he was great and so was Mother Christmas! We did not feel rushed atall! We then waited to see Santa and met an elf, she was lovely but she did get our little ones age wrong going to see Santa lol! No big deal however!

When we saw Santa it was lovely, our son was very quiet so was abit awkward but was fine! We did not feel rushed and our son loved his gift, he got a book about Christmas jokes, perfect as he loves reading and is really into jokes!

Walking around I'm unsure about the '12 Days of Christmas' trail, we wasn't to sure about it and the dresses and suites looked abit creepy but with the bad weather and everything, we did not really look into it, we just enjoyed walking around the garden.
Hula Hooping Elf was fantastic! Alittle muddy but we should of been more prepared lol!

The house was nice, we did struggle abit in the kitchen with our masks as it was smokey and there were no warnings about how smokey it would be, totally fine but maybe some people need to be aware, it was decorated nicely but a few negatives, just me being fussy
-there were some price stickers on items on display as part of their Christmas displays, unsure if it was meant to be there,
-we only saw a small part of the house, I do not think we went into the Grand Hall either, I could understand if certain parts are maybe closed as maybe they have a different theme but would of been nice to see other parts,

I have seen others mentioning about Christmas decorations but I took it as it was meant to be a Victorian Christmas.

The Moat House looked amazing, really interesting and the actors were fantastic down Victorian Street!

Some more information around would of been nice, to see where items came from and the history.

We ate in the cafe, it was pricey but we expected that, food came quickly, there also was a peacock that walked around to.

Gift shop was very fairly priced!! I was abit disappointed on the lack books on the history of Kentwell Hall but that's just me lol!

Was nice to see the farm animals to!

We did really enjoy ourselves, reading other comments I can see what people mean, real reindeer or maybe none, they were abit creepy, maybe the trail should be taken down or
changed, we never really got it or saw it all, maybe abit more to see in the house, I mean we were very happy, we have been to many places to see Santa and we went for a Victorian experience.
Escrita el 11 de diciembre de 2021
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9 aportes
dic. de 2021
This is basically a copy and paste of the upset email I have sent to them asking for a refund:

After paying over £70 for this experience and this being the only Father Christmas experience we have booked this Christmas, doing so because we felt from the description on your website that it would be 'magical', we were shocked to find a lack of any care, effort or entertainment. The grand house was ok but my daughter was slightly alarmed to have a dead turtle shoved in her face by who we can only presume to be "Charles Darwin" as there was no introductions or stories to go with the people hanging about. We were shuffled round the house with barely any interaction and the only thing festive thing in the house was a Christmas tree? - Your website states "The Great Hall will be decorated in Sumptuous style, with a massive Christmas tree and decorated dining room will be set for Christmas dinner - I mean, there was a tall tree with a few baubles on and a table with crockery on it - It was hardly "Sumptuous" Although not quite what we anticipated, we persevered through to the Christmas Trail - By the time we got to 2 turtle doves - Which are 2 plastic pigeons with stakes driven through them, and then onto 3 french hens which is literally a bauble (A single Bauble?!?) - A few inflatable pool toys for the "swans-a-swimming" (and one was already deflated, which was how we felt by that point) - The creepy dresses and suits flapping about in the wind and rain...It was just so so naff!!!

After the "trail" We thought we would stop for some refreshments...We joined the queue to find that there was only 1 coffee machine which, according to the staff is 'really slow' and a push button machine that makes one drink at a time. I waited 20 minutes for 2 sausages in a roll, 2 hot chocolates and a coffee and had to pay near on £25 for the pleasure. Would it have been difficult to have offered things like mulled wine or mulled Cider? A MINCE PIE?! GINGERBREAD MEN? ANYTHING slightly Christmassy? There was NOTHING festive about the outdoor cafe. Also, other than sausage in a roll the only other 'hot food' choice is over fried chicken goujons and chips? - It is soooo easy to do soooo much better with that!! - Coming from a mother of a four year old most soft plays offer less beige and more interesting food than what we were faced with!

The Elf wood - What a joke...Someone has literally stapled some elf on the shelf dolls to some trees in a muddy wood pile...
The upside down Christmas room thing - What even was that? It was run down, falling apart and shabby with a really half arsed attempt at a snowman stuck at the end?
At one point we got told not to 'miss out' on the opportunity to have our photo with the reindeer or the sleigh - I think my daughters' school have done a better job making a sleigh. And come on, those reindeer - Really....Who thinks they look good??

You know what....All of the above could be forgiven if the main event the 'Father Christmas experience' was good...Well to have a 4 year old, on her first Christmas of fully understanding and believing in Santa, turn round and say as we left "mummy I don't feel well" - I said how don't you feel well sweetheart and she said "I just feel really sad" - It was HEARTBREAKING. The "grotto" Has no decorations, signs or ANYTHING to suggest magic, Christmas or even a bit of "christmas Spirit" so when we opened the door to see if thats where we were supposed to go, and there was already someone in there, a slightly older lady elf told us to shut the door and wait our turn - Well, if there was a sign or someone around to tell us what exactly we were supposed to do then we would! When it was our go we went and sat inside a pokey soulless room, Santa wouldn't stop pulling and itching at his terrible fake beard...He then proceeded to call our child completely the wrong name - In fact, I had over heard the child before us, and he called our daughter by her name! Instantly my daughter couldn't understand why Santa didn't know her name - He didn't even apologise or say something remotely 'father Christmas like' such as "OF COURSE SILLY ME" and make a joke - He just sat there, wasn't in the least bit friendly, jolly and didn't even ask her any questions - My daughter is deaf in her left ear and he was speaking so quietly she couldn't hear what he was saying! - I had to ask him to speak up and repeat himself. A random 'elf' came up behind us and shoved a present in her hand, and then it was a quick photo and out the door! She didn't feel special, she didn't feel like Santa even liked her! SHES FOUR YEARS OLD! It would have been SO EASY to have a warm welcome, a talk through how she is, what she would like for Christmas? What happened to maybe a little Christmas story or picking a present from his sack? - These details are surely the LEAST requisites of the job description???

I just think asking families to pay nearly £100, which IS a lot of money (although clearly not for people who own Kentwell Hall) for something I could have created (and in better quality) in my own garden is daylight robbery. They have ruined what little quality time we get to spend together as a family. The whole day all we could hear were other people feeling as confused and bamboozled as us. We luckily don't live far away but we were talking to one family who travelled nearly 2 hours and had 2 children - £120 + fuel and a waste of life - Poor souls!

This is no joke, I have never complained about an experience in my life as my husband and I have spent our whole career in Hospitality so understand how hard it can be but this is just inexcusably lazy and completely missed the mark.

Later on in the evening we asked our little girl again if she had a good day she then admitted she hadn't and didn't understand why nothing was 'real' but didn't want to upset mummy or daddy....I have 2 points here:

1) If even a 4 year old who literally believes in unicorns, mermaids and all things magical, can tell how unmagical and fake and shabby it is then clearly something needs looking at!
2) It made us all so sad that for our daughters first experience of Father Christmas and Christmas as a whole that she will believe and remember was instead of being a treasured family memory was something she felt she had to pretend she had enjoyed.

Maybe have a look at some other Christmas Experiences and what price they are charging and what they offer. I think if you are offering a FAMILY Christmas experience you need to think about what you are offering for the price - This was barely worth a donation. I feel so so sad and sorry for all the other people going through the same experience.

The least I would like for the waste of our time and the heartbreak of our child's first meeting with Father Christmas being so damn heartbreaking is a full refund.

I have never written a review before in my life but after sending this I am going to warn other parents as quickly as I can to stop other people getting hoodwinked.

In case you think I am just an angry mother who is trying to get a freebie - I have taken some cringey photos to upload as evidence.
Escrita el 6 de diciembre de 2021
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genete h
Bury St. Edmunds, UK37 aportes
dic. de 2021 • Familia
I looked around for a Christmas Santa experience for my daughter, son in law and 4 year old granddaughter
Sorry to say this was disappointing, it was very muddy , it felt like it was aimed at adults but it is a Santa experience so expected more directed for younger children
It is not well organised or signposted so we were wondering about in large cold muddy grounds wondering if we were on the right place
My granddaughter was happy to see Santa but that was the only highlight and we could have done that at any shopping Center for a fraction of the cost
We are local to kentwell and like to support local businesses but I’m sorry to say we won’t be joining this event next year
Escrita el 6 de diciembre de 2021
Esta opinión es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Framlingham, UK3 aportes
dic. de 2021 • Familia
We came today for the Christmas event and had high expectations as we have been to a themed event in the summer pre covid which was great. This was not. I cannot believe how much we paid against the experience we had. I was so sad especially when it could be such a magical place to take the children.
1. Not enough reenactment people there. The ones who where, we’re good but needed so many more.
2 not enough interactive activities for the children (hula hooping - really?!)
3 the stuff going on in the tent was really very flat we gave it two gos but our 7 year old just didn’t enjoy it and neither did we.
4 the trail thing, as someone said lacked imagination and was not fun. Although the lady who played the pipe she was lovely and engaging and I remember her from years ago too very talented!
5 Santa… they quite obviously have two santas so that was awkward trying to explain that to a 7 year old. The present he got I would as is more suitable for a 3 year old and although I appriaicate it shouldn’t be about the present I think it could have been something better for the same price.
6. The food was pretty expensive and you were lot allowed to sit inside to eat which was disappointing.
7. Finer details like there was a photo frame you could sit in and take your photo so you appear in the frame but the backdrop was too small so the effect was ruined. I know it’s silly but if you commit to an ideal do it well.
7. Just didn’t seem Christmassy at all really :(

I was so excited to go to kentwell hall again but so disappointed would not go again. This is not to discredit the re-enactment people they had to work super hard!
Escrita el 5 de diciembre de 2021
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1 aporte
dic. de 2021 • Familia
Do not waste your money !!!
Spent £100 for 2 adults and 2 children … awful experience! Cafe was outside with a few benches, not catered for children as unable to get seated.
Took a while to park as got stuck in a water logged field, it’s going to be quite expensive having the car cleaned as it is literally covered top to bottom in mud.

The experience itself was not great either, not very well planned or organised not worth the money!

Very disappointed and left after 30 minutes
Escrita el 5 de diciembre de 2021
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Colchester, UK2 aportes
dic. de 2021 • Amigos
Would have been nice to actually go in! Instead we’re stuck in a water logged field that took an hour & a half to get out. We’ve gone home & expect a full refund as well as the money to clean the car which was white…. The owner would rather us not write a letter of complaint & go inside & have a nice time. We’ve not had a nice time & will not be returning.
Escrita el 5 de diciembre de 2021
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