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Cadenhead's Whisky Bar

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Fantastic Whiskybar
sept. de 2013 • Amigos
If you for a moment feels sick after eating too much pasta or just wanna chill for a couple of hours, this is the place to do it.

My first impression of this Bar was that it looked like something between an office and a bar. it`s not as dark and cozy as many people like it, but it felt much more like a home after testing a few of them unique bottles. There is about 3.000 of them, mostly scottish, and theese bottles/barrels can only be tested in this shop, or one of the other 6 Cadenhead`s situated around Europe.

The very nice Iron-lady behind the bar will offer you a 2cl of your desired magical fluid for 4Euros a piece. She will also place a tray with sausages and cheese in front of you for free if you stay a while.

I had 6 different testings before I decided to buy a 43y.o. Glenlivet (400Euros) which she sent to me by mail. After buing this she said all og my tastings, which also included a couple of special beers was free of charge.

Now, to finish of this review - This is not a party bar, there is bearly music in here.
if you enjoy tasting whisky and maybe want to buy a very special bottle, this is the place for you.

Escrita el 13 de diciembre de 2013
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