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Villa Castelli, Apulia, Italia

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Julie O
Bend, Oregón5 aportes
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ago. de 2016 • Solitario
We found the Italia homestay on the Internet and it looked so good, with great reviews.
Italian Classes in the home, all meals included with cooking lessons. Optional to stay in an authentic "Trullo", supposedly 3 blocks from the home.

What a joke!!! First of all the Trullo was beautiful on the outside...but looks can be deceiving. We arrived in early Aug. It was extremely hot. We were told there would be a fan in the Trullo. No Fan at all, a TV that didn't work. Water bottles that were refilled from somewhere. Thread bare towels and to top to off, we were about to get into bed and found lots of mice poop on the pillows and the sheets. I wish I had been smart enough to take a photo. I was so disgusted by that point that I couldn't think. Ended up sleeping on beach towels.

The Trullo was over a mile from the house. No street name and we were supposed to walk back and forth. Well, it was really hot in Aug. We started walking without directions.
Eventually a nice man picked us up and took us to the house. We did this for 2 days.
I quit the classes after 2 days...I was so disgusted with the whole set up. We left early for Lecce where we had a wonderful hotel.

The meals provided were totally starchy. One small piece of protein in 3 days and that was some sort of weird fried meat...probably horse meat...
The cooking lessons were a joke. We didn't get any recipes and really just helped make a bit of pasta.

The house where the lessons were given was really hot as well, making it hard to concentrate.

Maria Rossini was supposed to be our teacher, but we found out that she teaches in the town of Lecce...90 min away. Matteo, her cousin, was our teacher and he is the only bright spot in the entire experience.

We had to pay the father of the family to take us anywhere, which is totally ridiculous. We paid a lot of money for this program.

In total, Maria Rossini misrepresents this program! I would not advise anyone to sign up for this, unless they are totally nuts.

Oh and did I say there are no taxis in this city??

I think I lost a total of $800USD in this entire transaction
Escrita el 6 de septiembre de 2016
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Geel, Bélgica111 aportes
5,0 de 5 burbujas
ago. de 2015
Me and 2 friends decided to get some italian classes during our holiday in Italy and we ended up at Maria's . We had the best time together with Maria's parents and some other international students (australia , us , saoudi arabia , scotland ...) the best times were when we sat all together at the dinner enjoying Maria's mum homecooked menue . Every day was great fun , I would do it again !
Escrita el 16 de junio de 2016
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