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Cape Neddick Golf Course
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jun. de 2017
"Bienvenido a casa", dijo el cortés Golf Pro Dustin a principios de esta temporada. Cape Neddick Country Club tiene un maravilloso ambiente de bienvenida que hace cualquiera que cruza su umbral de sentir que realmente pertenecen. La dirección - Hess, Dustin y Ryan y compañía hacen un trabajo absolutamente fantástico de entregar cada vez una gran experiencia al cliente tanto si están en la tienda Pro, gran restaurante, bar o hermoso campo de golf de 18 hoyos que es difícil de superar. El curso sobre cambio climático no es una larga marcha a través de la desierto del Sáhara como la repisa no un corto pitch como muchos locales de 9 hoyos. Tiene el nivel de desafío y belleza natural sin pretensiones para hacer una tarde maravillosa en una brisa fresca del mar. Tengo muchos gratos recuerdos de Cape Neddick. Llevé una de mi hijo Morgan allí para jugar conmigo un día, pero no tienen ninguna clubs, "Joe El Pro" como lo llamó la habitación trasera encontramos un ole 7 plancha cortara, y poner una nueva manija, Mi hijo aprendió a jugar con Morgan que un club que cariñosamente llamado "lanzamiento de Joe. " Otro años hace tiempo. Yo estaba sentado en el bar, en el restaurante con mi otro hijo Roc después de jugar los primeros 9 hoyos cuando estuvo unos diez años. Le pregunté por un bocado de su perro caliente y dijo "No. " El legendario Johnny" o "un gran jugador cuya putter todavía colgada en la pared del club estaba sentado junto a nosotros. Se volvió a Roc y dijo en su acento grueso de Boston. "dar tu Fartha un bocado de ese perro caliente. " Johnny" o "tenía tanta autoridad natural que mi hijo simplemente obedeció entregarte el perro. Estoy seguro de que todos nosotros, que son los patrones Cape Neddick tienen historias que contar como esta. La nueva tripulación (y es muy bueno y más). Cape Neddick CC es un lugar muy especial para ir si estás un miembro completo, miembro social o un turista. Siempre se sentirá como si importa a la gente de allí. Nunca se está solo otro extraño cuya única importancia es pagar una tarifa verde, pero un viejo amigo que es preciado y cuya felicidad cuenta. Dar una oportunidad a este sitio. Su accesible y asequible. Tanto su club privado y abierto a todos! Pd. Probar el RON EN EL BAR si te atreves. Son ABSOLUTAMENTE DELICIOSOS Y LO SUFICIENTEMENTE FUERTE PARA HACER QUE EN LA CANCIÓN.

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39 opiniones
Muy bueno

AnneMarie B
Suffield, CT325 aportes
Not what we remembered
may. de 2018 • Pareja
We played this course in 2015 while on vacation in Ogunquit and were looking forward to another round. Unfortunately, the course is not in very good shape and the the cost was way out of line for the conditions. The saving grace was that it was a beautiful day.
Escrita el 28 de junio de 2018
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Fort Myers, FL430 aportes
Overpriced for the Condition
may. de 2018 • Pareja
This course used to in great shape but now it is not maintained. $100 for a twosome for 9 with a cart is a rip-off. This will be my last round at Cape Neddick.
Escrita el 26 de mayo de 2018
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Jim W
Carmel, CA630 aportes
Memorable Experience -- Great Staff
oct. de 2017 • Solitario
I wanted to play this Donald Ross designed course and was disappointed when I signed up to play that there are only 9 original Ross-designed holes remaining in the layout.

Thankfully, that did not deter me and I teed off as a single on a beautiful October day and had an absolutely wonderful experience at Cape Neddick.

Making the turn, I stopped in the Pro Shop to confirm what the original Ross holes were on that side; I guessed them correctly! The back nine I was not quite as accurate, only getting a couple correctly.

My message is that the "redo" of the original Ross 18 is an excellent layout with a difficulty level that is not off the charts.

Fortunately, I played as a single behind 3 3-somes and that gave me plenty of time to play 2 balls on most holes and putt the very well manicured and difficult greens; great fun!

The staff was very helpful in getting me a tee time (thank you David) as were the guys that filled me in about the Ross history.
Escrita el 13 de octubre de 2017
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West Brookfield, MA198 aportes
Sub-par conditions for money
sept. de 2017 • Pareja
We were so disappointed in the condition of this course. We played 4 courses in Maine and this was in the worst shape and cost the most. This was a wet summer so there’s no excuse for the condition. For $85 you shouldn’t have to contend with patchy fairways, much less patchy rough and in some instances patches in the second cut around the green. Was surprised there wasn’t GPS in the carts for this price.
The greens themselves were in good shape but getting there was not pretty. Reading some of these reviews I double checked my notes to make sure we played the same course, and alas, we did. I really wanted to give this 2 stars but hesitated to give it such a bad review for what was perhaps a bad year for them. We would go again only if we heard the course has come back or the price was more in line with the conditions. Talking to a mutual acquaintance back home we mentioned the course and he played there this summer and concurred with our opinion. Sadly, we didn't talk about it before we left.
Escrita el 17 de septiembre de 2017
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Troon, UK41 aportes
Great course and great staff
ago. de 2017 • Pareja
We book a social membership ticket which is great value. The team in the clubhouse are always helpful and get us good tee times. The first 9 is easier than the back 9 and a cart is advisable to avoid slow play. It's always a pleasure to play there
Escrita el 3 de septiembre de 2017
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Jean W
Tampa, Florida, United States643 aportes
Great Course
jun. de 2017 • Pareja
Thoroughly enjoyed our golf experience at this course. Before we began our game the Starter spent a lot of time giving us useful tips about the course.
Escrita el 1 de julio de 2017
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Boston, MA22 aportes
jun. de 2017
"Welcome Home"said gracious Golf Pro Dustin at the beginning of this season. Cape Neddick Country Club has a wonderful welcome home atmosphere that makes anyone who crosses its threshold feel like you truly belong.

The management-Hess, Dustin and Ryan and company do an absolutely fantastic job of delivering a great customer experience every time whether you are in the pro shop, great restaurant bar, or beautiful 18 hole golf course that's hard to beat.

The CCCC course is not a long march across the Sahara Desert like the Ledges not a short pitch like so many local 9 hole courses. It has just the right level of challenge and natural unpretentious beauty to make for a wonderful afternoon in a fresh sea breeze.

I have many fond memories of Cape Neddick. I took one of my son's Morgan there to play with me one day but he didnt have any clubs, "Joe The Pro" as we called him went into the back room found an ole 7 iron cut it down, and put a new handle on it, My son Morgan learned to play with that one club we affectionately called "Pitching Joe."

Another time years ago .I was sitting at the bar in the restaurant with my other son Roc after playing the first 9 holes when he was about ten year old. I asked him for a bite of his hot dog and he said "No."

The legendary Johnny "O" a great golfer whose putter still hangs on the club wall was sitting next to us. He turned to Roc and said in his thick Boston accent. "Give Your Fartha a Bite of That Hotdog."

Johnny "O" had so much natural authority that my son simply obeyed handing the dog over. I am sure all of us who are cape Neddick Patrons have stories to tell like this. (And the new crew is every bit as good and more).

Cape Neddick CC is a very special place to go whether you are a full member, social member or vacationer. You will always feel like you matter to the people there.

You are never just another stranger whose only importance is paying a greens fee, but an old friend who is cherished and whose happiness counts.

Give this place a try. Its accessible and affordable. Its both a private club and open to all!

Escrita el 29 de junio de 2017
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47 aportes
Opening Day
abr. de 2017 • Amigos
Played opening day, April 20th. Fairways, tees and greens all in great shape. Fairly dry considering it's still early spring. New golf carts are a welcomed improvement. Pro Shop and Grille staff welcoming and accommodating. Food and drink consistently good. Looking forward to many more enjoyable rounds this season. Quintessential classic golf on the Coast of Maine
Escrita el 26 de abril de 2017
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Cal G
1 aporte
Things to watch out for
sept. de 2016 • Solitario
Played the course yesterday. As for the golf, there are lots of blind shots and times when an unsuspecting pond is over the next mound. Also, there are times when you are not sure which fairway you are aiming for or which green. Luckily I played with someone who had played it before and remembered his way around the course. Otherwise I would have wasted quite a few shots. Many of the fairways are tight with forest on each side of the fairway, so if you are an errant hitter you are bound to lose several balls. There were three in our party and together we lost about 15 balls. Better use your 3 wood or iron off several tees rather than your driver.

As for some extras to watch out for; we learned part way through the round from a marshal that there are ticks with lyme disease in the forests as well as poison ivy and poison oak. Unfortunately, they did not mention this at the pro shop when I signed in.

As if that isn't enough to keep you from going after an errant shot, there are also areas with quicksand. Which I found out about to my dismay. on the par 5 third hold. I hit my drive into the woods about 170 yards from the white tee and it landed well into the forest. I went looking for the ball and saw about a half dozen balls sitting on a bare brown area some 20 feet from the edge of the forest. I expected my ball to be one of them but when I step on the brown earth my feet immediately started sinking into the ground. I went down to the top of my shorts and held on to a branch of a tree to keep me from sinking further. Luckily I did not lose my golf shoes and socks. I was able to get my two playing partners to help me out and when I got onto the fairway I was covered in black earth from my shoes to halfway up my white shorts. Within a few minutes a marshal came along and we had to ask him to get me a towel to clean off. He did bring a towel and I was able to clean up enough to finish the round. However, no one from the course came to see me while I was on the course to see if everything was okay. The rest of the day was uneventful and, given it was sunny with a nice breeze, a very good day to play golf on a challenging golf course. However, I was less than enthused with the service given my experience.

I mentioned to the marshal that there should be a sign up indicating quick sand. He chuckled and said there are a few places on the course with it but I was the only one he had ever heard of falling into it. So no need for a sign. I will be bringing this up with the management of the club.
Escrita el 16 de septiembre de 2016
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Clifton Park, Estado de Nueva York22 aportes
Challenging course in rough shape for the cost.
sept. de 2016 • Pareja
At a cost of about $100 per person for 18 holes with a cart, I would expect the fairways to be mostly green instead of mostly brown. Each hole is very close to the others and we found other golfers hitting onto our fairway quite often. (We hit onto adjacent fairways once or twice as well, no judgement, LOL.)
The young lady driving the beer cart, on a positive note, was very sweet and attentive. The beer was cold but so were the hot dogs. Not her fault, she tried to find us the warmest ones in the bin.
My husband and I enjoyed our time regardless. The weather Labor Day weekend was completely spectacular and being able to play golf on vacation is always fun!
Escrita el 13 de septiembre de 2016
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