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Foto de Project 72 Wine&Deli, Novi Sad: Project72

Foto de : Project72

Grilled homemade sausage
+ podvarak
+ black beans
+ homemade pickled vegetable
+ honey mustard with juicy red fruit
+ black cheries and floral violets aromas in a glass of Italian red wine Neprica
= Project 72 Wine&Deli Creative Local Cuisine
@ Project72
Welcome to Project72 Wine&Deli :)

Make your reservation:
📧 reservations@wineanddeli.rs
☎️ +381 21 6572720
 Did you know there is a PURPLE OCTOPUS?

It's true! If you cook an octopus for 8 hours in Sous-vide (a way of preparing food by vacuuming and cooking for a long time at low and controlled temperatures), then marinate it in betroot juice, port wine and Mediterranean spices for 24 hours, your octopus will turn purple 🤩

We serve it with celery pure, orange mayonnaise, grilled pepper and octopus demi-glace.
Beetroot Salad alla #Project72

Thinly sliced betroot filled with cheese and parsley mousse in combination with organic letucce salad with citrus dressing, betroot jelly and a handful of walntus or hazelnuts.

It's the best friend of the meat snacks from our menu 💞

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