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Mapas de Rhone e información para visitantes

Enlaces oficiales
Rhone Crussol Tourisme
1 Rue de la République
Tel.: 04 75 40 46 75
URL: http://www.rhone-crussol-tourisme.com
Correo electrónico: info@rhone-crussol-tourisme.com
castor canoé
route des gorges
Tel.: 0475371488
URL: http://www.castor-canoe.com/
Correo electrónico: castor.canoe@wanadoo.fr
* The mini descent 7 km ou 12 kmThis small itinerary is ideal for beginners and teaching children. Saunter under the Pont d'Arc, have a picnic, take a dip… leave when you want for 2 hours, 3hours or more.* The natural reserve 24 kmWith a picnic in your watertight container off you go for a day of adventure in a protected site, accessible only by boat or on foot.* The big descent 30 km (one day or 2 days)The journey under the Pont d’Arc and through the natural reserve.In 1 day, leave early so you can enjoy as much as possible (from 8am).

Funiculaire De Saint Hilaire
1 chemin du funiculaire
Tel.: 04 76 08 00 02
URL: http://www.funiculaire.fr
Correo electrónico: info@funiculaire.fr
the steepest funicular in the world.Upon arrival, active inter museum.Panoramic restaurant.Seen on the Mont Blanc.