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Mapas de Santa Marta e información para visitantes

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Enlaces oficiales
palmares del Rio
guachaca magalena
kilometro 42
Santa Marta
Tel.: 3183574032
URL: http://www.palmaresdelrio.com
Correo electrónico: palmaresdelrio@hotmail.es
Santa Marta Yoga
Finca Entre Rios
Paso del Mango
Santa Marta
Tel.: 316 428 3167
URL: http://www.santamartayoga.com/Finca%20entre%20Rio...
Correo electrónico: info@santamartayoga.com
Weekends of yoga and meditation in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Escape the heat for a while, spending time at a beautiful ecological farm 15 km from Santa Marta, between two small rivers at 500 m above sea-level. Enjoy the natural swimming pools, walks and wonderful surrounding nature. Suitable for beginners, the emphasis is on you having an enjoyable restful time. So the yoga is kept accessible and the meditations not too long.

Compañías turísticas
Thui Tours
Carrera 2, Numero 17a-20
Santa Marta 110010
Tel.: (+57) 312 510 4791
URL: http://thuitours.com.co
Correo electrónico: contact@thuitours.com.co
Thui Tours provides tours to the destinations in the region and in wider Colombia; packaged and custom holidays for those who want to experience the diversity in a limited amount of time; provides visitors with options for accommodation, both short term and long term; property management in Taganga for those with accommodation to rent; environmental classes and events, for the local area, educating local residents and visitors on how to protect the natural resources of Taganga, and event organization and promotion in the area.
Get Off the Trail
cr 7 #18-30
Santa Marta 0000
Tel.: (+57) 300-3531509 / (+57) 311-6053902
URL: http://www.getoffthetrail.co
Correo electrónico: laura@getoffthetrail.co
Travel overland from Colombia to Panama & walk across the border with Get Off the Trail! Go on a genuine Caribbean adventure and explore beyond the pages of your guidebook. Group trails departing Santa Marta & Cartagena start from COP$425,000 per person for 3 nights, 3 days including all accommodation, transportation, bilingual local guide and travel hammock & mosquito net for the duration of your trail (does not include food). Book now!
Jc Tours And Excursions
Calle 15 N0. 5-48 Of. 202
Santa Marta 12345
Tel.: 573002857327
Correo electrónico: jc.tours@hotmail.com
JC Tours and Excursions is your link to Colombia's Passion. We specialize in attending Cruise ship passengers that visit Santa Marta and other visitors.Santa Marta is the city that has the magic of having it all. We can start saying that the oldest city in South America holds an architectural heritage that evokes the times of the banana bonanza.The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is home to a unique and complex network of ecosystems and guards archaeological remains of the Tayrona culture in sites like Pueblito and Ciudad Perdida, with their enigmatic terraces and perfectly designed roads. The indigenous Kogi and Arhuaco people, with their profound cosmic wisdom, still inhabit it.
La Sierrita Ecotours
Calle 17 Nº 1A- 53. Ed Torres Universal Nº13D.
Santa Marta 00000
Tel.: 57 301 7489504
URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Sierrita-Ecotour...
Correo electrónico: lasierrita.eco@gmail.com
La Sierrita Ecotours es una empresa colombiana comprometida con la conservación de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta y La Guajira transformando la conciencia de aquellos viajeros que deciden aventurarse a conocer esta región del país.Para los amantes de la naturaleza y las culturas indígenas, ofrecemos experiencias únicas por los lugares más maravillosos escondidos entre la Sierra y el mar.En nuestros destinos incentivamos el crecimiento de la economía local, pero sobre todo, apoyamos los esfuerzos de conservación y recuperación de la biodiversidad y de las tradiciones culturales.
Calipso Dive Center
Calle 12 No 1 - 40 Taganga
Santa Marta 47001
Tel.: 057-5-4219146; CELPHONE: (035) 3156843075
URL: http://www.calipsodivecenter.com.co
Correo electrónico: divecentercalipso@gmail.com
We are the only pro-platinum naui dive school in Colombia which offers all scuba diving certification levels from basic to instructor with international NAUI certification, we have staff of the highest qualification and with more than 10 years of experience in the practice of diving, who are always able and willing to respond to whatever worries our students and clients may have.

Propiedades en alquiler / Multipropiedades / Propiedades en venta
Apartamentos Rodadero
CRA 2 N. 8-31
Santa Marta 0000
Tel.: 57-5-4301338
Fax: 57-5-4301338
URL: http://www.apartamentosrodadero.net
Correo electrónico: luzhegigo@hotmail.com
Apartments for rents in the rodadero beach santa marta magdalena.apartamentos para la renta en las playas del rodadero santa marta -magdalena

Ecoturismo Parque Tayrona y Sierra Nevada
16 x 5 - 84
Santa Marta 33205
Tel.: 00573012806894
URL: http://www.tayronatrips.com
Correo electrónico: info@tayronatrips.com
Tayrona trips is a travel agency and services company specializing in exclusive accommodation, ecotourism, real estate and holding events in Santa Marta, the Tayrona Park and the Sierra Nevada. We have carefully selected properties and ecotourism products of proven quality and we offer a professional and personalized treatment.
Tayrona Trips
Callejon del Correo
Carrera 3 # 16-33
Santa Marta 470001
Tel.: (+57) 5 4231123
URL: http://www.tayronatrips.com
Correo electrónico: tayronatrips@gmail.com
Tayrona Trips is a tourist and travel agency specializing in various services, such as exclusive accommodation, ecotourism, real estate and holding weddings and events in Santa Marta, Tayrona Park and Sierra Nevada. We have carefully selected properties and ecotourism products of proven quality and we offer a professional and personalized treatment.
Santa Marta Viva
Santa Marta
Santa Marta 47004
Tel.: 57 3168719181
URL: http://www.santamartaviva.com/
Correo electrónico: stamartaviva@gmail.com
Updated information about Santa Marta Colombia, always posting tips about what to do on a travel and living there.
Getaway Colombia
Santa Marta
Tel.: 3003445254
URL: http://www.getawaycolombia.com
Correo electrónico: clubdelphinus@hotmail.com
The Getaway Colombia project is dedicated to bring to you the experience of finding new sanctuaries for your body and soul in two of the best kept secrets from this magical country known as Colombia: TAYRONA PARK and MINCA, SIERRA NEVADA DE SANTA MARTA. IT'S YOUR CHANCE TO GETAWAY from everything on an 8 day retreat: Yoga, Freediving among other activities will bring you closer to nature and change your perspective forever. This is a place where both the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Nevada mountains meet to bring their magic together, one day basking in the sun working on your tan, and the next day being in the middle of a rainforest and gazing at snowy peaks. We bring to you the opportunity of living both of them for an entire week.