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Brick Alley Pub


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Certificado de ExcelenciaGanador en 2015 - 2019


USD 8 - USD 27
Estadounidense, Bar, Mariscos, Pub
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Brick Alley Cosmopolitan
Absolut citron, vodka, cointreau, a hint of rose's lime juice and a splash of cranberry
Smirnoff vodka and dekuyper apple pucker schnapps
Key Lime Martini
Licor 43, lime juice and cream served in a graham cracker crust rimmed glass
Espresso Martini
smirnoff vodka, frangelico hazelnut liqueur, bailey's Irish cream and shot of chilled espresso
Melisse's Cherry Cheesecake Martini
Dr. mcgillicuddy's vanilla liqueur, cranberry juice and a splash of cream tastes just like cherry cheesecake
Brick Alley Mudslide
the real deal, no "mudslide mix', smirnoff vodka, bailey's Irish cream di dark creme de cacao, a quick shake and served in a pint shaker glass.
Bahama Mama
Malibu coconut rum, myers's dark rum. Bacardi rum, banana liqueur pineapple. Orange juice and grenadine on the rocks.
Pusser's Painkiller
pussers British navy sum, coconut, pineapple juice and orange juice. garnished with ground cinnamon and nutmeg.
Mojito Cubano
Bacardi white rum, fresh mint lime. Super fine sugar and soda water
Sparkling Blackberry Sangria
A refreshing‏ blend of cristalino cava brut, st. germain elderflower liqueur blackberry purée and fresh fruit garnish.
Cabernet Sangria
California cabernet, peach brandy, sprite and orange juice. Garnished with fresh fruit,
Pinot Grigio Sangria
Torresella perot‏ grigio. Peach brandy, sprite and orange juice. Garnished with fresh fruit,
Sparkling Sangria
Cristalino cava prof. peach brandy. Sprite and orange juice. Garnished with fresh fruit,
Blackjack Margarita
Cuervo gold and a splash of chambord.
Julio's Ultimate Margarita
Don julio anejo tequila and grand marnier
Cadillac Margarita
Milagro tequila and cointreau.
Hornitos Margarita
Sauce hornitos 100% blue agave with a splash of cranberry juice.
Grand Gold Margarita
Cuervo gold and grand marnier.
Midori Margarita
Cuervo gold‏ and midori melon liqueur.
Frozen Strawberry Mojito
A frosty strawberry blast with refreshing mint finish — perfect!
Frozen Cuervo Margaritas
Choice of: traditional, strawberry. Raspberry or grand gold.
Frozen Bacardi Daiquiris
Choice of: traditional, strawberry or raspberry.
Frozen Malibu Coladas
Choice of: traditional, strawberry, midori or kahlua
Frozen Mudslides
the real deal. no "mudslide mix", smirnoff vodka, baileys Irish cream and dark creme de cacao frozen to perfection. choice of: traditional, onto, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, banana or coconut.
South Beach Freeze
Malibu coconut‏ rum, midori, orange and pineapple juice.
Slow Train to Mazatlan
from the most notorious cantina in all of Mexico. tommy d's in mazatlan. a frosty concoction of fresh strawberries, bananas. peach brandy. light and dark rum. served in a pint mason jar.
Doc's Peanut Butter Cup
Dr mcgiliicuddy's vanilla, roost's peanut butter cup, vanilla ice cream. Godiva chocolate liqueur. Topped with whipped cream.
Chocolate Mint Cookie
Dark creme de cacao and green creme de menthe, vanilla ice cream and onto cookies. Tapped with whipped cream.
Oreo Express
Dark-chocolate liqueur, brandy, we cream and crushed oreo cookies. Topped with whipped cream.
Your choice of 10" thin-crust or the staff's favorite chewy, thicker garlic bread pizza. Anchovies? — Just ask!
Fig and Prosciutto Pizza No Red Sauce)
A thin crust 10" pizza brushed with extra virgin olive topped with fresh sliced figs, sliced prosciutto, gorgonzola, fresh mozzarella and balsamic glaze.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza — (Hot)
(No red sauce) our thin crust pizza topped with bleu cheese, fresh spinach, shredded mozzarella, scallions and sliced boneless and skinless spicy buffalo-marinated chicken breast.
BBQ Chicken Pizza
(No red sauce) all white meat chicken breast chunks or our hickory smoke BBQ sauce with very thin slices of bermuda red onion, shredded mozzarella and fresh cilantro
Pizza Margherita
(No red sauce) vine ripened tomatoes, shredded mozzarella, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil.
Arugula Salad Pizza
(No red sauce) a thin crust 10 pizza brushed with extra virgin rive oil then topped with shredded mozzarella fresh mozzarella and baked. After baking the pizza is topped with fresh chilled arugula salad greens tossed with extra virgin olive oil. Balsamic vinegar. Salt pepper and shaved parmesan.
Pepperoni Pizza
Veggie Pizza
(No red sauce) caramelized onions, broccoli florets, sliced mushrooms, roasted red peppers. Artichoke hearts, fresh green peppers. Pinenuts, chopped tomatoes and shredded mozzarella cheese
Bread and butter and/or extra virgin olive oil are served at no additional charge upon request.
Cup 3.50
Bowl 3.95
Soup of the Day
Cup 5.50
Bowl 5.95
Our Famous Award Winning Creamy Newport Clam Chowder
Cup 5.95
Bowl 6.95
Lobster Bisque
French Onion Soup Gratinee
a hearty bowl of traditional recipe French onion soup topped with a house made Crouton and melted swiss cheddar and jack cheese.
Cup 5.95
Bowl 6.95
2-Alarm White Bean Is Chicken Chili
With scallions and sour cream.
Cheese Nacho Platter
House made corn tortilla chips and melted cheddar-jack cheese - that's it! Served with a side of salsa.
Ultimate Nacho Platter
house made corn tortilla chips, melted cheddar, lack cheese, mild Anaheim chile salsa, refried beans. guacamole and sour cream.
Louie Murphy's Nacho Platter
House made‏ corn tortilla chips. Mildly-spiced. Salsa marinated chicken breast chunks, melted cheese, salsa and sour cream.
Machaca Beef Nacho Platter
House made corn tortilla chips, topped with 8 hour slow cooked seasoned shredded beef. Jack and cheddar cheese sliced fresh jalapenos and sour cream served with a side of fresh pico de gallo.
Unlimited Soup, Salad and Bread Buffet a La Carte Per Person
As is‏ the case with any buffet, sharing will result in an additional a la carte charge
Salad buffet +6.95.
Salad Buffet Combo for One Person
If you are having a burger. Sandwich. Starter or lunch entree priced at
This special offer is designed for one person. As is the case with any buffet, splitting or sharing is not permitted.
Bread and butter and/or extra virgin olive oil are served at no additional charge upon request
Hot sliced cajun chicken +5.00
Traditional Caesar Salad 725
Anchovies? Our pleasure. Just ask
Pan Seared Rare Sliced Ahi Tuna Salad
Chilled, sliced, pepper crusted rare ahi tuna served an a bed of honey-ginger dressing tossed mesclun greens. Garnished with cucumber slices. Pickled ginger. Carrot sticks and crispy wontons. Lightly dusted with sesame seeds. (Ask for wasabi and soy sauce. ) (Price and availability subject to market)
New York Sirloin and Bleu Salad
sliced new york sirloin steak ens crumbled great hill bleu on your choice of your traditional caesar, or Nonna's tossed salad, or greek salad
Large Garden Salad 725 Nonna's Italian Tossed Salad
A homestyle classic mixed greens, chopped celery, thin sliced green sweet bell peppers, baby carrots, sliced cucumbers. Cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan cheese. Bermuda red onion and croutons tossed with italian dressing.
Create Your Own Lettuce Wraps
Hot spicy asian peanut marinated chicken. Served with lo mein noodles, fresh veggie-cilantro relish and boston bibb lettuce for wrapping includes 3 sauces: thai peanut. Sweet chili and soy
"Fat Tuesday" Salad
New orleans style hot sliced cajun chicken breast with mixed greens. Tomatoes, cucumbers and hard-cooked eggs with warm, spicy honey mustard dressing topped with crumbled bacon.
Bread and butter and/ or extra virgin olive oil are served at no additional charge upon request
Shrimp +0.50
Chicken +2.95
Asian Hot and Spicy Viggie Pasta
lo mein noodles, spicy hot peanut sauce, julienne zucchini, carrots, Snowpeas, sweet red peppers, onions, scallions and cilantro. garnished with unsalted peanuts
Jumbo Hot Dog with Fries and Slaw
Served on a grilled new england style bun with fries, classic, slaw and a pickle
New Orleans Jambalaya
Shrimp, chicken, andoulle sausage, rice and traditional jambalaya vegetables and spices. Garnished with sweet red and yellow pepper confetti.
Double meat +5.00
T-Bone Pork Chop
Pan-bronzed cajun seasoned 12oz. T-bone chop pork chop with mustard cream pan sauce on a bed of new orleans style wild brown rice.
Thanksgiving Sandwich and Fries
thinly sliced smoked turkey breast, whole berry cranberry sauce, traditional bread and Italian sausage stuffing, iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise on a croissant roll
Cup 3.95
Bowl 4.95
Albondigas Soup - Available Tuesday Only
a streaming‏ cup or bowl of Mexican meatballs and vegetable soup garnished with crispy tortilla strips and fresh cheddar-jack cheese. a 32-year brick alley tratitiona. if you like mexican food try this
Bread and butter are served upon request at no additional charge
Forever Braised Boneless Beef Short Rib
Braised low and slow, resulting in meat that is deeply flavored. Sublimely succulent and tender as can be imagined, yet maintaining a wonderful texture. Served on a bed of garlic smashed potatoes served with choice of additional side.
Sirloin Steak Tips
Chunks of tender flavorful marinated sirloin sauteed with garlic and black pepper finished with button mushrooms and a beef demi-glace. (Degree of doneness will vary sightly due to slight vanations in size of chunks). Accompanied by gorgonzola spiked garlic smashed potatoes served with choice of additional side
Broiled 9 Oz. New York Sirloin
New York Sirloin Au Poivre
A black peppercorn crusted ny sirloin in a sauce of cognac, fresh cream and a hint of dijon mustard.
Broiled 8 Oz. Black Angus Filet
Broiled 8 ounce tenderloin of beef with bearnaise sauce.
20 Oz. Bone-in Colorado Cowboy Rib Eye
The "prime rib" of steaks on the bone, salt/pepper/garlic rubbed and broiled to order.
Steak Frites
Broiled garlic butter glazed N.Y sirloin steak on a bed of fries.
Steak Frites
Broiled garlic butter glazed ny. Sirloin steak on a bed of fries
Salmon or Scrod Fillet Your Way"
Choice of: salmon or scrod choice of: pan-bronzed cajun, lemony piccata or broiled teriyaki pineapple glazed.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Machaca Sandwich (a/K/a Torta De Sloppy Jose)
8 hour slow cooked seasoned shredded beef topped with pepper-jack cheese and sliced fresh jalapenos served open faced on a bulkie roll. This is definitely a "knife and fork" sandwich.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Chicken Spinach Melt
Broiled boneless and skinless chicken breast on grilled euro whale wheat bread with melted swiss and warm spinach and artichoke spread.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Smoked Turkey Club
Smoked turkey, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, mayonnaise and american cheese on your choice of toast.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Bbc! Pulled Pork Sandwich
Tender flavorful pork. Cooked low and slow then piled high on an open faced bulkie roil. Ask for caramelized onions. This is a "knife and fork" sandwich.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Cajun Chicken Sandwich
Hot e, spicy pan-bronzed boneless and skinless chicken breast an a bulkie roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Tomato, Basil and Fresh Mozzarella Bruschetta Sandwich
Crispy. Crusty italian garlic bread VAT, fresh basil, sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Served with a side of balsamic reduction.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Lobstacado Sandwich
Open-faced cold lobster salad and sliced avocado on a toasted english muffin half, topped with melted muenster cheese. Served with choice of side. This is a "knife and fork" sandwich.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Baja Grande Fish Tacos (2)
Pen-bronzed cajun native scrod. Cilantro slaw and pico de gallo piled into a flour tortilla. Served with mixed black beans and rice, or your choice of available side.
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Boston Steak Tip Sandwich
Marinated sirloin steak tips sauteed with green peppers and onions. With pepper jack cheese on a split roll. 11.95 "loaded" steak tie sandwich with all of the above phyg banana pepper rings, fresh sliced jalapenos and sliced mushrooms. Na extra charge
Side salad
Side caesar salad
Cole slaw
Kattie's Steak Tip Wrap
Marinated sirloin steak tips sauteed with green peppers and onions, with pepper jack cheese.
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Se escribió una opinión 3 semanas atrás mediante dispositivo móvil

Nos sorprendió muy positivamente. El ambiente y calidad de la comida merece mucho la pena. La decoración es original y acogedora, te hace sentirte cómoda. El servicio atento y agradable. Buena calidad de la comida y muy abundante. Y buena relación calidad precio. Recomendable

Fecha de la visita: mayo de 2019
Agradécele a noelia090
Escribió una opinión el 15 de junio de 2018 mediante dispositivo móvil

Sin duda es un buen lugar para almorzar o ir a tomarse unos tragos en la noche. Con mi señora fuimos a almorzar y nos tocó esperar unos 25 minutos, pero puedes recorrer las tiendas cercanas por mientras. Tiene un ambiente muy agradable y pintoresco...Más

Fecha de la visita: marzo de 2018
Agradécele a ajgazmuri
Escribió una opinión el 16 de enero de 2017

La ensalada de centolla fue excelente.....La hamburguesa completísima.... y todo con una buena cerveza dentro de un ambiente muy acogedor.

Fecha de la visita: octubre de 2016
Agradécele a ArturoSusana
Escribió una opinión el 28 de noviembre de 2016

Una experiencia para saborear y que no te cuenten..... la mezcla de sabores con el paisaje, el luegar hicieron de esta la mejor de las paradas oficiales del viaje

Fecha de la visita: diciembre de 2015
Agradécele a Ana Lucia P
Escribió una opinión el 24 de agosto de 2016

Como digo en el tíyulo, no nos dejaron entraron con un bebé en su cochecito, sólo admiten car seat aun cuando no era hora punta y había mucho sitio libre. Por supuesto no entramos, y solamente por esta razón queda totalmente descalificado, me parece impresentable...Más

Fecha de la visita: agosto de 2016
Agradécele a Juan J. F
Escribió una opinión el 5 de mayo de 2016

De los pocos lugares que en abril, a las 21 hs estaba abierto. Ambiente pintoresco pero la amplitud del lugar no está bien aprovechada. Demasiada espera. La comida normal. De sabores raros.

Fecha de la visita: abril de 2016
Agradécele a Claudia M G
Escribió una opinión el 2 de abril de 2016 mediante dispositivo móvil

Excelente lugar tanto en su atención, decoración y preparación de los alimentos. Preparan excelente la langosta, para repetir los platos. Pidan crema de langostas y continúen con macarroni de queso con langosta . No deje de comerse el exquisito pan con ajo. Si no tienes...Más

Fecha de la visita: abril de 2016
Agradécele a Monica V
Escribió una opinión el 24 de febrero de 2016

Excelente desde la decoracion, la atencion pasando por la variedad y su historia para llegar a la comida. Es un restaurante con historia y muy reconocido por su buena comida y buen precio. Comí un sub con vegetales y una ensalada de langosta. El sabor...Más

Fecha de la visita: enero de 2016
Agradécele a jaime b
Escribió una opinión el 19 de septiembre de 2015

Solo comer dentro del local ya es toda una experiencia. Está decorado al más puro estilo pub americano: matrículas, artículos deportivos y hasta una moto colgada del techo. La comida no es de las mejores que hemos comido en nuestra vida pero estaba buena. Suele...Más

Fecha de la visita: agosto de 2015
Agradécele a alejandrob139
Escribió una opinión el 31 de mayo de 2015

Llegamos atraídos por los comentarios de trip advisor. No teníamos demasiado hambre así que mi marido pidió una pizza de masa delgada y yo me fui por el salad bar y un bloody mary. El salad bar incluía varias ensaladas, la sopa del día y...Más

Fecha de la visita: mayo de 2015
Agradécele a Pipacooper
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