Warning about Moni (Kelimutu, Flores)

Hello everybody! I felt the obligation to warning you about one guy in Moni, I cannot tell you what is his name because he changes with every client as well as the name of his homestay, but right now it appears on booking as Anjalika guesthouse. He is a big liar, a bad person and you cannot rely on him.

For instance I have to say that I've been traveling through Asia for one year and a half and never I had the feeling that I have to do this, but after researching a bit in internet I've found that he is doing it for long time now.

In maps.me it's not marked but it's near Maria Inn and a green lodge that I don't remember the name.

To finish if a guy on his 40s approaches you telling that he can bring you Kelimutu cheaper than usual or that he has the homestay more cheaper in town be careful, can be him.